2019 Tech Trends Already Reshaping the Restaurant Industry

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The “Anti-Third Party” Movement

Third party delivery marketplaces such as UberEats and Grubhub are controlling how you run your restaurants, while keeping all of your customer data for themselves and having you be at their mercy. The 20–30% charges are also killing your margins and profitability. So why continue with being held hostage by them?

Luckily, there are some new tech trends taking the restaurant industry by storm that can be a sustainable, low cost solution: You can now promote your own brand and website, boycott low usage apps, and drive your digital diners toward ordering from you DIRECT.

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Technology like that of Say2eat exists so that as a restaurant operator, you can offer ordering that is quick, simple and convenient to the digital diner. This, while owning all of the data of your customers, automating their retention and loyalty, paying ZERO commissions, keeping your branding as a DIRECT sales channel, and keeping your margins and profitability where they need to be for your bottom line as a business.

“ I think 2019 will be the year the industry gets together and defends it’s margins.” -Nabeel Alamgir, Chief Marketing Officer at Bareburger

We can all agree that it is about time!

Utilizing Technology to Simplify Online Ordering

Now, we know very well that restaurant operators do not like to change their ways. But something that may have worked for you and your restaurants in the past will not necessarily work today. You must innovate, you must adapt, and you must meet your digital diners where they already spend their time in a manner that is convenient for THEM. Not adapting accordingly will mean that your restaurants get left behind within the ever changing restaurant industry, and you will become a dinosaur.

“The ground is shifting under our feet, and holding on to the past way we’ve run restaurants isn’t the way we are going to do business going forward.” -Scott Boatwright, Chief Restaurant Officer at Chipotle Mexican Grill

The key is offering convenience via simple, frictionless ordering, without the discouraging barriers such as downloading and registration. Say2eat offers exactly that, making ordering from you as simple as messaging a friend. Your restaurants and ordering from them becomes embedded within the day to day lives of your customers, integrated to your POS and embedded within your day to day operations as well.

Offering online ordering directly via Facebook Messenger as a direct sales channel for example, can be an instrumental tool to enhancing the user experience, and it does not require any additional time, manpower or resources. Restaurant employees can stay focused on what matters most, while restaurant decision makers can stay focused on both their daily and long term priorities. As an automated direct sales channel, you increase online sales while paying zero commissions and keeping your margins healthy.

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As life and business have shown time and time again, we must embrace innovation, we must adapt, and we must grow in order to see success. For restaurant operators and decision makers, advances in messaging and social media channel online ordering technologies are changing how we meet and transact with digital diners while making convenience KING. While we may not be able to predict the future, Say2eat allows you to accept the facts of the restaurant industry landscape and put your customers first.

Say2eat’s white label solution enables chains and restaurants to create personalized consumer engagements that lead to desired business outcomes.

To see Say2eat’s technology in action, click HERE (link to schedule a demo).

We are a one-stop-shop for empowering your digital strategy, by providing a seamless solution across all voice and message applications (e.g. Facebook Messenger, SMS, iMessage, Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc.). By implementing core technologies and transforming business operations to scale global loyalty, our omnichannel commerce creates a smart, brand customized and conversational user experience. This leaves brands with an everlasting impression of convenience, efficiency, and ease of use that promotes consumer loyalty and retention.

To receive additional updates about Say2eat, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn or visit our website at say2eat.com.

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Say2eat makes ordering food as easy as texting a friend or asking Alexa to play a song.

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