Keep it simple and convenient to order, keep your commissions in your pocket, and keep the transaction funnel short, to capitalize like never before.

“Now that my business is 100% takeout and delivery, I had to bite the bullet and sign up for a third-party delivery service. The fees are ridiculous, but OK, I get it. What I don’t get is why people insist on ordering through a third-party site even for pickup. Why am I splitting my revenue when all they are doing is sending in the order?”

— Owner/operator, multiunit Restaurant Brand

Does the quote above sound all…

The current landscape of food ordering now makes the ordering experience as simple as clicking a single button. No more calling the restaurant, no more downloading, no more registration pages. Customers appreciate convenience, headache-free ordering, embedded within the daily messaging channels they frequent on a daily or even hourly basis.

Customers can now choose where it is most convenient for them to order. So why would they ever choose ordering that requires a download or register step? The importance of knowing what resonates with your customers and where they prefer to order is paramount, while simultaneously implementing a budget friendly…

With delivery becoming imperative to the survival of restaurants, speed, convenience and efficiency are paramount.

Delivery does not have to take a toll on your operations, have hefty fees associated with it, or hurt your margins as a restaurant business. With delivery marketplace giants such as Doordash, GrubHub and Ubereats assessing up to 40% commissions per delivery order, companies like Say2eat exist in order to alleviate these pain points while keeping your margins intact and healthy. …

Third Party Delivery Giants Aren’t Changing For The Betterment Of Your Restaurants Anytime Soon

In the early days of restaurant delivery apps, there was good, honest reasoning behind the mutual interest between both restaurant businesses and delivery apps in working together. It offered delivery for restaurants without the need to create a dedicated website for online ordering. It allowed great variety to the consumer for online ordering, with greater exposure for the restaurant business. But unfortunately for these restaurant businesses, this added exposure came at a cost so significant, that several have had to close their doors as a result:

According to The Washington Post and news outlets across the country, “Restaurants are barely surviving. Delivery apps will kill them. Their fees make it impossible to turn a profit.”

Does this have to be the reality for restaurants just to offer delivery? Absolutely not. But it is important to understand just how much of a negative effect these billion dollar third party delivery corporations have on your restaurants. …

If you take a look at the restaurant industry today, you will see that too often, restaurants choose the easy way, along with a de-facto business plan called third party delivery. These delivery giants such as Doordash and Ubereats mix hundreds of restaurants together in their app, while promoting the delivery company logo and brand in the spotlight. They also own the data and relationships with the customers. So why do restaurants choose this as their business plan, because it is easy and they get some orders? At what cost?

The cost can be as high as 35% commission per…

Convert your Facebook and Instagram followers, along with people who search for your restaurant into repeat customers!

Are you looking to also attract new customers and save commissions for your restaurant? Well, Say2eat exists for that exact reason. To offer simple ordering that attracts new guests within social media and web, while delivering each order with 0% commission.

In addition to the ordering increase and savings on commissions that Say2eat provides, it is important to understand just how much social media can be your restaurants’ greatest ally, while a commission free delivery service can be the main difference maker for…

Believe it or not, over 82% of online restaurant guests prefer ordering directly from the local restaurants they know and love. However, too many restaurants are choosing to give up a large chunk of their business month after month to third party delivery corporations, with margin crushing commissions as high as 35%.

There is some good news though, as there are some companies out there who exist for the sole purpose of growing delivery directly for restaurants, commission free! Companies such as Say2eat help restaurants offer direct ordering within social media and their website, while delivering each order with 0% commission. This is a great way for restaurants to control their online sales and relationship with their customers, promote only themselves instead of a third party delivery corporation, and save on high commissions from those third parties that hurt their business month after month.

Giant, Billion Dollar Delivery Corporations have taken your customers and your relationship with them, your restaurants’ branding, your profitability and margins, while making you raise your prices on valued customers. All while charging restaurants 30% commission per order. The nerve!

Customers are now at the mercy of these billion dollar delivery companies as well, now dealing with raised prices and taxes, hidden service fees, delivery fees, tips to drivers, and more.

A new study by powerhouse firm Deloitte has definitively shown, that despite the pandemic we are in, restaurant consumers are buying into the new changes such as ghost kitchens, contactless delivery, curbside pickup and even increased prices! As it turns out, not only do restaurant consumers now want to support their local restaurant businesses more than ever before, but they are even willing to pay extra to do so, while maintaining high expectations for quality of service. Here are the extremely important key takeaways from the compelling report by Deloitte:


Say2eat makes ordering food as easy as texting a friend or asking Alexa to play a song.

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