Are Fast Casual and QSR restaurants giving away too much to third parties?

There is no doubt that we live in an on-demand economy, with convenience to the customer reigning as king. While this is certainly important, that same convenience to the customer does not have to come at such a detrimental expense to the restaurant and kill the margins of the restaurant. Unfortunately, when working with third parties this is too often the case.

Restaurants do not even realize how much third parties are hurting their business in so many different ways. Those restaurants that are realizing and waking up and smelling the roses, are actually becoming success stories one by one as they move away from margin killing third parties:

In short, there is a better way! According to a recent study by eMarketer, your customers prefer ordering from you directly. Allow them to do so in a way that benefits your restaurant business as well. Offering quick, simple ordering via direct channels such as a restaurant’s website and other digital assets allows the restaurant to keep and control their customer data and relationships, without surrendering any commissions. Companies like Say2eat exist for this exact reason, to give customers the “direct” ordering convenience they crave, while allowing restaurants to grow business in a healthy way without killing their margins. This, while owning their customer data and relationships, branding, and ability to sell direct to their customers at scale. Say2eat also helps exponentially grow the delivery aspect of a restaurant business, with a commission-free delivery service that cuts existing delivery costs by well over 50%!

Say2eat converts restaurants’ “direct” digital channels and exposure into orders placed. This allows restaurants to save significant marketing budgets while converting their own digital exposure into sales, ending the days of giving in to third parties with such high commissions. Gone are the days where a restaurant must rely on the exposure of third parties to grow sales, while killing their margins and surrendering control of the customer in the process. Say2eat helps restaurants meet and transact with customers for simple ordering, as a direct sales channel, on the messaging and social media channels where they live and naturally spend their time, such as Facebook Messenger.

Customers now have high expectations when ordering online. They want it fast, they want it simple, and they want it to be convenient for them. Extending online ordering into customers’ natural day-to-day lives via channels such as Facebook Messenger is as convenient as it gets. Say2eat has proven via case studies that this form of ordering results in 40%-60% completion rates, compared to just 20% with traditional website ordering. This was no magic trick, and is due simply to the fact that Messenger ordering is more efficient and native on mobile web than website ordering would ever be, even if this website ordering claims to be “mobile friendly.” Your customers naturally spend so much of their time in channels like Facebook Messenger, and NOT website ordering that is more efficient on desktop, no questions asked.

How can restaurants stop surrendering and giving in to third parties? How can restaurants grow pickup and delivery online sales without paying any commissions, and taking back ownership of their customer data and relationships all as a direct sales channel? See below for some valuable answers to these questions:

Convert your restaurants’ direct exposure into sales

Who says your valued customers must find you only via indirect channels where a third party is in the spotlight? Who says your restaurant must rely so heavily on the exposure of that third party when all you get is being one restaurant in a list of hundreds?

Let me tell you a little secret, your customers PREFER ordering from you directly. Your customers PREFER easy, simple ordering instead of downloading, registering, and scrolling to find your restaurant in a third party app. This allows your restaurant to capitalize on it’s own digital exposure and assets, allowing you to increase sales without surrendering any commissions or your customers.

It is actually quite simple. Convert your monthly website traffic, Instagram/Facebook followers, people who google you, and more into orders placed and at least a 15% increase in online sales! This is why companies like Say2eat exist, as a direct sales channel that empowers this strategy, with simple ordering via channels like Facebook Messenger where your customers naturally live and spend 90% of their time. Not to mention holding onto your marketing budgets as your own digital exposure makes the magic happen organically.

People google and search for your restaurants — Capitalize!

It is not only static digital assets such as a restaurant’s website or Instagram that can be capitalized on to increase sales. Every single time someone searches or googles your restaurant, there is an opportunity to convert them into an order placed with one click of a button!

This is yet another valuable, affordable strategy that Say2eat implements for its valued restaurant clients. The way it works is extremely simple when your customers google you, they arrive to your website or to your google my business page. Once there, Say2eat’s one-click forwarding button immediately places them in Messenger for simple ordering that is as easy as messaging a friend. As a direct sales channel, Say2eat helps grow your online sales in a healthy way, keeping your commissions and margins intact. Not to mention holding onto your marketing budgets as Say2eat parlays and converts your existing digital exposure into orders placed.

Third parties are trying to hijack your branding, customers, and digital exposure all in one fell swoop. They are doing this while hurting the margins of your restaurant business, and promoting themselves in the spotlight while your restaurant takes a backseat and is just one restaurant buried in a list of hundreds of others.

It is time to take back control and grow your business in a healthy way with Say2eat! Take back your customer data and relationships, take back your branding and ability to sell direct, stop surrendering high commissions, and most importantly, offer simple ordering that comes-in directly via your existing digital exposure. It is there waiting for you, it is what your customers crave, and it is there for the taking!

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