How to Achieve 10X Higher ROI with the Same Restaurant Marketing Budgets and Tactics

Shorten the marketing funnel to the transaction by having your call to action and order completion occur in the very same channels, where your customers naturally spend their time. This will be the most effective strategy regarding how to achieve 10X higher ROI with the same restaurant marketing budgets and tactics. The less your customers need to navigate through multiple screens, download, or register, the more orders completed and online sales increased. Not to mention happy customers!

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In today’s world, making anyone download or register is a risky proposition, as there is a 95% churn rate within the restaurant online ordering process when asking customers to do so. But there is another very important factor that is causing your customers to churn when ordering from you as well. Asking your customers to navigate multiple screens with anything more than 5 clicks also results in high churn rates when ordering online, let alone asking them to fill out an annoying registration page that slows down the ordering process.

There is a massive benefit for both restaurant operators and their customers, when the marketing funnel to the transaction is shortened. Companies like Say2eat were created to empower this exact strategy, centered around convenience to the customer first and foremost. Your customers naturally spend 90% of their free time on their phone, in channels such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram. With such a massive reach in the US, these channels are pre-installed in over half of Americans’ phones. Imagine this, posting a simple ad with a call to action to order in Facebook and Instagram. Your customer then clicks the link to order that is placed on the post, and immediately begins completing the order in the same channel.

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Say2eat — From post to ordering with one click

Your customer never navigated away to countless different screens, never had to download anything, and was never asked to fill out a frustrating registration page. Now THAT is called convenience. This is the name of the game today. Catering to your customers with frictionless, simple, easy ordering directly within the channels where they naturally are, results in more orders placed, increased sales, and delighted guests.

With all due respect, it is important to remember that it truly does not matter if you, the restaurant operator, do not think that ordering via Messenger or Instagram is something you would personally do. The numbers do not lie, and Facebook Messenger has the highest reach of any social media or messaging platform in the US! It is the only one that over half of the US population already have pre-installed on their phones, and it is there to be capitalized on.

Additional benefits of utilizing this forward thinking strategy include owning your customer data and relationships, personalized re-engagements with each and every customer based on their data and ordering behaviors, cutting delivery costs by 50%, promoting your branding in the spotlight as a direct sales channel, converting your entire digital exposure from any digital asset into a meaningful increase in sales with no additional budgets, and much more.

Stubbornly refusing to innovate to delight your guests will be a death sentence for most restaurants. The good news is that this forward thinking strategy benefits the restaurant as a business as well, with no commissions as a direct sales channel that is there to give restaurants back full control of their online sales, delivery growth at scale, customer data and relationships, and brand at large.

With Facebook Messenger, ordering online now becomes as simple as messaging a friend, leading to higher conversion and ordering completion rates, leading to a measurable impact and increase in online sales. Not to mention delighting your guests and creating a viral marketing effect of excitement within your customer base. All because you finally decided to make your online ordering as convenient as possible, and actually starting listening to your customers and catering to where they naturally are.

To learn more, book a demo, or get started, visit or call 470-Say2eat!

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Say2eat makes ordering food as easy as texting a friend or asking Alexa to play a song.

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