How to Increase Restaurant Online Sales due to Customers’ Desire to Order Directly from Restaurants, not Third Party Delivery

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Countless studies have shown the clear and obvious facts, your customers prefer ordering directly from your restaurants, without downloading a third party delivery app and browsing through hundreds of restaurants. Are you making it simple enough for them to order directly from you without bleeding commissions to third party delivery giants in the process?

The answer is you probably are not, just like most restaurants in the US that opt to surrender the house and the farm just to offer delivery through third parties that charge as high as 35% commission. In addition to these commissions that kill your margins, you are also giving up your brand, logo and relationship with your customers. When working with third party delivery, they promote their own logo, their own brand, and keep your customer data and relationships for themselves. All this, just to offer delivery and paying 25%-35% commission per order.

“Given all of the conversation that’s been happening around the fees that third-party delivery companies are charging restaurants and the dramatic economic impact of COVID-19 on restaurants in particular, consumers are very sensitive to sharing more of the revenue with the restaurant itself,” said Eli Portnoy, CEO of consumer research firm Sense360, during the Food on Demand conference earlier this month.

Sense360 found that 63% of consumers prefer to order delivery directly from the restaurant, versus 18% who prefer third parties.

“If I’m a restaurant, I need to invest in my first-party experience, I need to promote my first-party experience, and I need to give consumers what they want,” Portnoy said. “Because ultimately, right now, they’re being disintermediated by those third parties.”

-Restaurant Business Online — Consumer Trends

What customers prefer, compared to what is actually happening in the industry with third party delivery, is not currently matching up correctly. Customers prefer ordering direct, but restaurants prefer to take the easy but expensive way out and offer delivery via third parties.

There is a better way for restaurants to offer delivery at a fraction of the cost, as companies in the restaurant industry who actually listen to what customers prefer and what restaurants pay today are out there to help.

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Companies such as Say2eat exist in order to help restaurants take back control and offer delivery with 0% commission, in three DIRECT online ordering channels that customers love.

Having that kind of control and offering, while utilizing Say2eat’s commission-free delivery service is a recipe for long term success and profitability for any restaurant looking to save thousands on commissions month after month.

Let’s talk about affordable, commission-free delivery for restaurant businesses, and easy, fast, convenient ordering for your customers without all the nonsense. Book a time to speak with Say2eat today!:

To learn more, book a demo, or get started, visit or call 470-Say2eat!

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Say2eat makes ordering food as easy as texting a friend or asking Alexa to play a song.

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