How to make your Restaurant Online Ordering convenient — Both for you and your valued customers!

Why you don’t need to break the bank, or re-invent the wheel to do it.

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As we are now well into 2019, the restaurant industry along with its consumer digital dining preferences continue to shift. We are living in a modern world with an on-demand group of increasingly tech-savvy consumers. With so many online ordering options, digital diners simply want the quickest, no nonsense way to get their food when they are hungry. Knowing exactly how to make your restaurant online ordering convenient has never been more important. Does making customers go through the discouraging barriers of downloading an app, filling out personal details on a registration page, or scrolling through a list of hundreds of restaurants via third-party marketplaces seem like an efficient strategy? When all they want is a simple and fast way to get their food? Absolutely not. This approach is truly like trying to fight with one arm tied behind your back.

Luckily, companies like Say2eat exist to counteract these exact issues, while offering the ultimate guest experience to a restaurant brand’s digital diners by offering convenience before everything else. This comes to fruition by extending a restaurant’s online ordering into the natural behaviors and day-to-day lives of consumers. Simply put, Say2eat embeds online ordering into social media and messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger (111M users in the US alone). This makes placing an order as simple as messaging a friend, and the experience leads to higher conversion on each and every order. This is how to make your restaurant online ordering convenient. The customer does not need to download or register, while the ordering experience is native and familiar.

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In 2018, restaurant brands fully embraced technology, and leveraged AI to enhance guest ordering experiences while making convenience king. Year in and year out, restaurant brands should be looking for ways to enhance their guest experience. With constantly rising consumer expectations, you must make your restaurants and ordering from them be omni-channel. Meaning that you must be available for simple, fast ordering wherever your customers naturally spend their time. With over a third of the US population using Facebook Messenger, that is a prime location to start accepting orders right away, with real ROI and real increases in DIRECT online sales. Notice the emphasis on the word “direct.” This is because companies like Say2eat cover all of the above while operating as a direct sales channel via channels such as Facebook Messenger. Say2eat is fully white label, and is the opposite of a third-party marketplace with high commissions that cripple your margins as a business. Keep your margins, while enjoying the many additional benefits below:

Say2eat Key Benefits

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Capture, Own and Analyze all Customer Data Say2eat captures and delivers all customer data directly to the restaurant brand for full ownership and analysis. Enjoy getting to know your audience and keep track of ordering behaviors and trends. Get full access to the data dashboard and control your customer data and relationships, they’re your customers!

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Re-target and re-engage each and every user in a thoughtful, personalized 1-on-1 level, as a branded notification that pops up on their phone screen at any time. Instead of sending an email that will more than likely end up in the customer’s spam folder (14% average opening rate even if it doesn’t). This allows you to win back lost revenue from abandoned carts, while also automating the re-targeting of users to promote loyalty, retention and repeat ordering with a “one-click re-order” button.

Highest Conversion on Orders — Enjoy the highest possible conversion on each and every order. This is due to offering credit card payment, apple pay, google pay, masterpass and much more. But mostly due to the native, user-friendly, frictionless guest ordering experience. Not to mention ZERO downloading or registration required.

Highest average check size — Adding high quality photos with add-ons for each and every dish significantly increases the average check size of orders. Taking it a step forward, Say2eat also has an upselling feature built in to feature beverages and other items on the menu to further increase check sizes.

Delivery as a service — Say2eat’s Dispatch delivery network allows you to no longer be held hostage by third party delivery marketplaces, with their margin killing commissions. Say2eat takes care of delivery orders for your business, while keeping your margins intact, all commission-free!

The above mentioned benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. The overall benefits, features, added values and measurable impact of Say2eat’s convenience centric online ordering service are felt from day one. Offering online ordering for your guests via channels such as Facebook Messenger shows that you will meet your customers where they naturally are. Say2eat embeds its service into your restaurant brand’s day-to-day operations with POS integration, while you embed your restaurants and online ordering into the day-to-day lives of your customers. This leaves customers feeling appreciated and satisfied, while restaurant operators enjoy an increase in sales, keep their margins, and show they can truly think outside the box to better their business and cater to their customers. At the end of the day, it is a win-win situation for both the restaurant and it’s valued guests, making convenience king on the consumer end, and increasing sales and ordering completion rates on the restaurant business end. Not to mention growing delivery sales commission-free, cutting up to 50% of your existing cost of delivery!

To get started, visit or call 470-Say2eat!

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Say2eat makes ordering food as easy as texting a friend or asking Alexa to play a song.

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