How to make your Restaurant Online Ordering convenient enough to increase order size by 26%!

Simply “having” online ordering is no longer enough. To truly maximize potential, it must be convenient, it must be simple and fast, and it must be enjoyable to order from you.

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It is no secret that when people order online, they order significantly more than they would in store. But, if your online ordering is not convenient, simple, fast, and enjoyable, you are shooting yourself in the foot. This is a detriment to your restaurant business, and turns customers off from coming back. Having an archaic online ordering system that requires navigation across multiple screens and/or a frustrating registration page makes 90% of your online customers abandon the ordering process.

On the bright side, let’s now talk about proven solutions that make customers come back time and time again due to simplicity. Online ordering solutions that remove the barriers of multiple screen navigations and an annoying registration page. Online ordering that, most importantly, is truly “omni-channel” allowing customers to order where and how is most convenient for them online, and not where is most convenient for the restaurant. Customers do not care if, as a restaurant, you made the foolish decision of committing to an archaic, non-convenient online ordering system or mobile app. So change it and make it more convenient to have you and your valued customers reap the benefits.

The first step is acknowledging the problem with your online ordering, the second is doing something about it.

This is exactly why forward thinking companies such as Say2eat exist. To make ordering online truly omni-channel and convenient for customers, while providing a commission free delivery service as a direct sales channel for the restaurant business. Instead of slowing down the ordering process, Say2eat speeds it up. With zero downloading and registration, Say2eat has eliminated discouraging barriers within online ordering, offering simple and enjoyable ordering within Facebook Messenger and Instagram. This is where 57% of the US population spends their time day in and day out, and is a MASSIVE opportunity to meet and transact with customers at scale where they naturally are. This is what is convenient for THEM, the customer, and as a result, leads to a significant sales and ordering completion rates increase. This was no magic trick, it is simply because you finally decided to make your online ordering actually be convenient and enjoyable for your customers.

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Say2eat also has a website ordering solution unlike any other provider, to supplement the Messenger/Instagram ordering so that there is a convenient solution for every type of customer regardless of age or preference. Firstly, due to having large high quality photos that entice users (increases check size by an average of 26%), this website ordering solution works to the restaurants’ benefit as we all know that people “eat with their eyes” when ordering online. Not having photos in your online ordering is a major issue, and is truly like shooting yourself in the foot as a restaurant brand. In addition to large high quality photos, Say2eat’s website ordering also requires zero registration, with no need to create an account with a username. This, along with keeping everything on one centralized screen from order origination to completion, delivers a website ordering solution that provides greater ROI than anything else out there.

It really is very simple, speed up the ordering process, don’t slow it down with downloading and registration. People have short attention spans and lose patience fast! You must make it fast, simple and convenient. You must save them downloading and registration. You must have photos of your menu items. And you must limit the screen navigations when ordering online to zero if possible. Say2eat exists to deliver all of this to its’ valued restaurant partners, while making ordering for customers as fast and enjoyable as possible. All this, while providing a commission-free delivery service so that Say2eat’s valued restaurant partners can enjoy unlimited delivery orders without paying any commissions. Again, very simply, cutting all commissions and saving the restaurant business end significant delivery costs, while making ordering for customers as simple, convenient, fast and enjoyable as possible. Say2eat is here to help, there is a better way, there is a cheaper way for the restaurant business, and there is a more convenient way for its’ valued customers.

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Say2eat makes ordering food as easy as texting a friend or asking Alexa to play a song.

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