How to Market Your Restaurant Directly and Win Big with Online Ordering during COVID-19

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The best part is that it is low cost, and promotes your restaurant in the spotlight with enjoyable ordering experiences for your guests.

During this difficult pandemic, restaurants need to be saving costs and focusing on promoting themselves during these trying times, and not third party delivery giants. If you can combine that with smart, low budget marketing within the channels that your customers spend over 90% of their time such as facebook and instagram, that can be a game changer for your restaurants.

Taking it even one step further, there are companies out there such as Say2eat for example, who exist in order to promote restaurants directly, offer enjoyable ordering in social media and website, and bring down the cost of orders with a commission-free delivery service. In one fell swoop, you can change the trajectory and profit margins of your restaurants for the better, while offering enjoyable ordering unlike anything your customers have ever seen.

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It truly is not rocket science, and the marketing benefits with little to no budget are impressive as well. You will now have the opportunity to shorten the marketing funnel to the transaction, simply because now you will be able to post in facebook and instagram, and now your customers will be staying there to order and not navigating elsewhere across multiple screens. No more downloading, no more registration, and no more jumping through hoops just to place a simple order.

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Meet your customers where they naturally are in order to maximize orders with a better website ordering experience and social media ordering, maximize marketing ROI as a result as well, and bring down the cost of your delivery orders by at least 50% with a commission-free delivery service. Control the narrative, the experience, and margins as a restaurant business.

Having that kind of control and offering, while utilizing Say2eat’s commission-free delivery service is a recipe for long term success and profitability for any restaurant looking to save thousands on commissions month after month.

Let’s talk about affordable, commission-free delivery for restaurant businesses, and easy, fast, convenient ordering for your customers without all the nonsense. Book a time to speak with Say2eat today!:

To learn more, book a demo, or get started, visit or call 470-Say2eat!

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Say2eat makes ordering food as easy as texting a friend or asking Alexa to play a song.

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