How to Use Customer Data to Increase Restaurant Sales

We live in a data driven world. Make sure it is YOU who owns your customer data for the betterment of your restaurants! Get to know your customers, and when and what they order, while personalizing thoughtful re-engagements and offers to them at scale.

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Unlike when working with third party delivery companies that hijack their restaurant clients’ branding, customer data and relationships, companies such as Say2eat exist to give restaurant operators back full control. At the end of the day, these are their customers after all…

The value of your customer data can not be understated. It is more important now than ever before to learn how to use customer data to increase restaurant sales. To increase sales, conversion, loyalty and so much more on the business end. On the customer end, data allows you to understand your customers, who they are, along with when and what they like to order from you.

The true value of using data to benefit your valued customers lies in personalized, thoughtful re-engagements at scale. Reaching each and every customer when it is strategically most convenient for THEM, with offers and promotions that they will truly appreciate. This makes convenience to your customers king, while showing each and every one of them that you truly care about them.

Below are some prime examples of how to use your customer data for the betterment of your restaurants and your customer experience combined:

Win Back Lost Revenue from Abandoned Carts

As a fully white label (behind the scenes) direct sales channel for restaurants, Say2eat provides an omni-channel online ordering experience that is extended into channels such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Thi s allows for convenient and easy ordering, but also provides very powerful re-targeting and marketing capabilities due to advanced data capturing and analysis (All data is delivered directly to Say2eat’s restaurant clients with full access to a comprehensive data dashboard).

If a customer abandons their cart when ordering via your website or third party delivery, how do you bring them back in real time to complete the order? You don’t, because there is no effective way to do so. Your best bet is to send an email that they will almost never see, as these emails mostly get buried in the spam folder. Even if they don’t, email re-engagements have a low industry average 14% opening rate. Not a very effective strategy…

What if there was a way to re-engage each and every customer with 98% opening rates, directly on their phone screen where they will actually see it? With Say2eat, this becomes the reality. Customers will be sent personalized, thoughtful incentives to complete orders when abandoning their cart, in an effective 1 to 1 manner that makes every single customer feel appreciated. This is how it always should have been.

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When customers abandon their cart via Say2eat’s service, they receive a message on their phone screen within just 3 minutes. Key examples of this are notifying the customer about daily specials, while supplementing that with some kind of promotion or discount. For example, “Hi John, here are our daily specials, here is 10% off your order, would you like to complete your order?”

These re-engagements are by far the most effective way to win back lost revenue from abandoned carts. Customers feel appreciated while Say2eat’s service emphasizes the importance of “striking while the iron is hot” within 3 minutes. In most other cases, the lost revenue from abandoned carts would otherwise be lost forever. Use your customer data and attached re-targeting capabilities to win back more lost revenue than ever before! This is one of the most powerful tools in regards to how to use customer data to increase restaurant sales.

Simple One Click Re-Ordering

Another obvious truth of the world we live in today is the simple fact that people are lazy. Reminding valued customers of more convenient ways to make them even lazier only results in more orders and online sales. Let’s face it, laziness sells! Everywhere you look in the world today, technological advances are making people lazier via convenience, increasing sales and conversion as a result. So, why shouldn’t the same apply when ordering online from your restaurants?

Well, there are now ways to place a simple one click re-order button directly on your customers’ phone screens at scale. The beauty of it lies in the fact that this can be implemented in a strategic way that will be most appreciated by customers. For example, Say2eat analyzes it’s restaurant clients’ data, tracking ordering behaviors and trends. This allows for one click re-order options to be sent to the right customers, at exactly the right time. If the data shows that certain customers tend to place orders at a specific day or time, the one click re-order option should be sent one or two weeks after their last order.


Understanding ordering behaviors and trends of customers is essential to the strategy and timing of any re-engagement, let alone one click re-ordering. The value of such data and how to benefit from it provide an extremely meaningful impact, directly impacting a restaurant business’ bottom line in a positive way. The tactics emphasized here today are just a couple of the endless benefits that stem from owning your customer data, allowing restaurants to maintain relevance and efficiency well into the foreseeable future. Data is not going away, and will be even more crucial as time goes by.

To learn more, visit or call 470-Say2eat!

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Say2eat makes ordering food as easy as texting a friend or asking Alexa to play a song.

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