How to Utilize Technology to Increase Restaurant Online Ordering Sales

Being resistant to new trends and technologies that make convenience paramount to your customers will only set you behind — It’s time to listen to them, to make your customers happy and for the overall financial health of your restaurants, commission-free.

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Let’s think about this for a minute. Where do your customers naturally spend most of their time when they are on their phones? Where do they naturally speak with friends and family, or browse for hours? Well, with over half of the US population just sitting there on a daily basis, channels such as Facebook Messenger are there to be capitalized on! Say2eat exists to help maximize that, keeping your customers direct, as a fully white label service.

Let’s first run through the facts regarding how powerful meeting and transacting with your customers where they naturally spend their time can be:

As of June 2019, Facebook Messenger was by far the most popular messaging app in the US and the only one used by more than half of mobile users in the country. (Statista)

The massive user base of the popular messaging apps, if monetized effectively, can turn into a very productive asset. Most platforms have begun focusing resources toward this aim. For example, Facebook offers advertisers access to users through Facebook Messenger, giving them additional opportunities to convert customers. (Wall Street Journal)

As a restaurant operator, it is very important to understand and cater to one simple fact. It does not matter if you are not an active Facebook Messenger user, and it does not matter if you do not “think” that your customers will resonate with ordering from your restaurants in a fast, convenient way via Facebook Messenger. The facts are there, and they do not lie.


On the flip side, what does actually matter as a restaurant operator is eliminating margin killing commissions when working with third party delivery. Companies like Say2eat have created a way to increase online ordering sales with Facebook Messenger ordering, while providing a commission-free delivery service to help their restaurant clients keep their margins healthy, instead of killing them with third parties. This will be the most effective strategy when assessing how to utilize technology to increase restaurant online ordering sales. Higher conversion, zero commissions, as a direct sales channel that is fully behind the scenes (white label), placing your restaurant logo and branding in the spotlight.

Asking your customers to order via your website, mobile app, or a third party will never be as convenient for them, or as profitable for you, as Facebook Messenger. This is where they naturally are, this is where they speak with family and friends regularly, and this is where they expect to be able to do the same for simple ordering from their favorite restaurants.

With Facebook Messenger, ordering online now becomes as simple as messaging a friend, leading to higher conversion and ordering completion rates, leading to a measurable impact and increase in online sales. Not to mention delighting your guests and creating a viral marketing effect of excitement within your customer base. All because you finally decided to make your online ordering as convenient as possible, and actually starting listening to your customers and catering to where they naturally are.

To learn more, book a demo, or get started, visit or call 470-Say2eat!

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Say2eat makes ordering food as easy as texting a friend or asking Alexa to play a song.

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