How TGI Fridays Increased Their Conversion Rates to 65% via Thoughtful, Personalized Consumer Engagement

Restaurant brands that are forward thinking and eager to put their customers first are changing the Online Ordering game. It is not a magic trick, it does not take millions of dollars of investment and it does not take being a genius to achieve this. The only requirements are being unselfish, actually caring about and catering to your consumer base and being open to analyzing the way your consumers behave and prefer to place an order.

The last requirement is most vital, as the value of properly analyzing and understanding how your consumers behave and prefer to place an order from you is incredibly powerful. One restaurant brand that is leading the charge on such initiatives is TGI Fridays. At the top of their list is optimizing their omni-channel online ordering presence via daily-used messaging platforms, which relies heavily on entering the mind of the customer through deep analysis of behavioral tendencies and preferences.

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(Source: Accenture)

For example, in a recent campaign, TGI Fridays enabled the use of personalized, thoughtful push notifications including a promotional offer to appeal to consumers and entice them to try online ordering. Each time a user completed an order and therefore converted, Fridays gained direct knowledge of exact behavioral tendencies and ordering preferences. This knowledge and data was then taken and used as a powerful tool and advantage to the brand. They took the data and used it to send a personalized, thoughtful “follow up” message a week after the original order was placed, purposely sent roughly around the same time of the day in order to entice the consumer to place another order.

They enjoyed tremendous success as a result of this strategy, with over a 65% conversion rate. The reasoning behind the success is clear, engaging with consumers in a personalized way, when and where it is most convenient for THEM. Taking it a step further in terms of thoughtfulness, Fridays also offered easy order editing and a “One-Click Reorder” feature to all users. This is exactly the type of convenient and user-friendly ordering experience that consumers appreciate most.

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(Source: TGI Fridays Data)

James Washington, product manager for digital platforms at TGI Fridays, knows the importance of having an omni-channel online ordering presence. Being available to their consumers wherever and whenever it is most convenient for them has become a top priority. Washington explains their shift to more thoughtful strategies as opposed to “blind” strategies of the past when he recently said, “We used to have one campaign running in one channel and another campaign running in a different channel and no cross-channel understanding between them on an individualized basis so that we could optimize and speak to people in their preferred channel.”

On the surface, the objective may seem focused on simply achieving the highest conversion rate. But the value of even being in the consideration set, let alone “top of mind” of the consumer also holds weight. A well-timed message that is both engaging and personalized often helps keep your brand in consideration. “We look at lots of data signals, like purchase history or what time someone goes into a location,” Washington said. “We know Fridays may not always be top-of-mind, but when someone’s hungry we know what they like to eat, and if we can engage with a guest at the optimal time, we can differentiate.”

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