Restaurant Brand CEOs — What they say about utilizing technology for massive gains

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The restaurant brands who have properly utilized technology to better their guest experience have a few things in common. The central theme they shared was offering a customer-centric approach, driven by enhancing the online ordering experience with both convenience and technology to help deliver that convenience. This was a selfless approach, in that everything focused on improving the guest experience, rather than making changes for their own sake or gains. The results were astonishing:

“As a result, they increased market share, restored or reinforced relevance, and built incredible value for their organizations. Their secret was not to champion technology, but to champion change.” -Aaron Allen & Associates

Solutions like that of Say2eat’s promote such gains, without dedicating a large budget or spending a single marketing dollar. It simply converts your digital following into sales by parlaying the digital exposure of restaurants brands. All this, while owning all customer data and automating the re-targeting of customers as a loyalty element that operates as a direct sales channel.

Here are some examples of giants of the industry that have enjoyed massive success with a similar approach:

Domino’s changes the game

Domino’s has truly re-invented themselves as a technology company that happens to sell pizza. Their first priority in this transformation was and always will be centered around delivering convenience to the digital diner. By embedding online ordering into the day-to-day lives of their customers and raving fans, they have made ordering as simple as messaging a friend.

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Companies like Say2eat deliver the same frictionless, conversational online ordering, without dedicating the millions of dollars that Domino’s did in order to roll it out. This makes your brand omnipresent, while staying connected with your customers for easy ordering that is native wherever they are.

Panera Bread

Panera became one of the all-time best performing stocks in terms of foodservice. With all this, CEO Ron Shaich had still been extremely frustrated with their investors’ closed-minded approach in terms of innovation and utilizing technology for significant gains and a truly streamlined guest experience. His frustration had gotten to a point of no return, where he was so unaligned with the innovation lacking strategy that he decided to resign. His thought process was that they would stay stagnant because of this lack of innovation, as the market becomes more and more dynamic and dependant upon smart technology like that of Say2eat for example. As CEO, Ron Shaich had a vision for what Panera should be doing in terms of technology, specifically when it comes to ordering online. Technological advancements do not happen with the blink of an eye, but not trusting the CEOs vision and not wanting to innovate will simply curtail your progress and gains. CEOs and restaurant brand leaders must develop strong communication and ensure that everyone has the same innovation and tech initiative goals in order to ensure that these gains and improvements are actually put in motion.


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A huge reason for the success of Starbucks’ incredible success is their tenacious approach to utilizing technology for their advantage, and the advantage of their customers. They are funneling and encouraging customers to use their tech savvy offerings, similar to what Say2eat offers. As customers utilize these convenient technology driven offerings to order online for example, Starbucks has seen average check sizes for online orders increase by as much as 70%. With the industry growing at a rate of about 3% per year, Starbucks is changing the game. These increases are significant and should be paid attention to by the entire industry at large, as the opportunity is there for all brands to enjoy massive gains by utilizing technology that is smart and convenient to their loyal customers.

Starbucks is utilizing technology to cater to their customers first and foremost, with online ordering for example that allows customers to skip the line, order ahead, and order wherever and whenever it is convenient for them. Meanwhile, other brands that are more stubborn are still utilizing “tech” that was state-of-the-art back in 1979, whose CEOs are left wondering where their customers and sales have disappeared to. Bottom line, if you don’t make it convenient to order from you online, you will lose customers at a rate higher than ever before. Say2eat exists for the exact purpose of counteracting that.


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Back in 2015 when Steve Easterbrook was brought on as CEO of McDonald’s, he had big ideas and a vision for how they would utilize and invest in technology that makes convenience to their customers paramount. The execution team helped simplify the vision, and they have been investing heavily in technology ever since.

Leaders in the industry sometimes feel unsure about whether or not foodservice needs to be developed at the same rate as technology, but the industries share the same customer discretionary dollars, where the bar has been set by companies like Apple. With restaurants dealing with the challenge of consumer expectations being higher than ever before, ordering online via Facebook Messenger for example by companies like Say2eat makes convenience paramount to the consumer, helping meet their expectations. Restaurant titans are investing billions in tech, but don’t necessarily need to. Say2eat has democratized convenience through tech, without the need to break the bank.

Billions upon billions are being dedicated to restaurant tech advancements, with those brands that are slow to advance themselves or too stubborn to offer convenience to their consumers being left behind and feeling the effects sooner rather than later. The industry is shifting, and restaurant brands must evaluate whether or not they are shifting accordingly with it to stay relevant, or be rendered obsolete.

Conclusion: Successful restaurants brands are not afraid to use tech to their benefit

Far too often, restaurant brands are scared to innovate and embrace technology that not only increases their margins, but puts the customer first and makes their lives easier when ordering online. Say2eat is one affordable solution to solving all that in one fell swoop, making online ordering as simple as messaging a friend.

Some restaurant brands prefer taking a “wait and see” progression to utilizing technology, while waiting for someone else to be first to the party and reap the benefits. On the contrary, many forward thinking brands have been pushing for sustainable long term tech initiatives before the market forces them to. For these brands, waiting around to be late to the party is simply not an option.

Say2eat’s white label solution enables chains and restaurants to create personalized consumer engagements that lead to desired business outcomes.

We are a one-stop-shop for empowering your digital strategy, by providing a seamless solution across all voice and message applications (e.g. Facebook Messenger, SMS, iMessage, Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc.). By implementing core technologies and transforming business operations to scale global loyalty, our omni-channel commerce creates a smart, brand customized and conversational user experience. This leaves brands with an everlasting impression of convenience, efficiency and ease of use that promotes consumer loyalty and retention.

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Say2eat makes ordering food as easy as texting a friend or asking Alexa to play a song.

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