Restaurants - Hold onto your customers, show them you care and re-engage them for simple repeat orders.

The Facebook Messenger revolution is upon us!

Why a Facebook Messenger revolution?

Chatbots are single-handedly outperforming apps. This is due in part to the fact that Chatbots require ZERO downloading or registering, which can both be huge discouraging barriers to the consumer placing an order. Allowing your raving fans to place an order when they want, on their terms, in the most user-friendly way possible can not be understated. Its time to start putting your customers first! Not only will they appreciate the ease of use, but you will enjoy a significant increase in sales as a restaurant owner.

Facebook Messenger Ordering’s Big Advantages

Source: (McCann Worldgroup)

The advantages of a Facebook Messenger Ordering product are incredibly valuable to your business. So valuable, that they lead to a proven increase in sales of between 7% and 25%! Listed below are some of the key advantages:

  1. Personalization: Naturally recorded user data points and insights allow you to send thoughtful, personalized promotions and engaging messages at scale. Nothing entices a purchaser more than a discount or personalized engagement showing that you care.

2. User Base: Facebook Messenger currently has over 1.3 Billion users. To put it simply, people that want to place an order from your restaurant are sitting there waiting on Facebook Messenger. They expect to be able to engage with you to place an order in the most user-friendly way possible, making Facebook Messenger a vital engagement and sales tool.

3. Customers Abandoning Carts: This is an extremely valuable feature, as a Messenger product re-engages customers who for any reason abandoned their cart in the middle of placing an order. You can remind them, include a special offer, or simply personalize your message showing that you care. This is such a powerful tool that on average, 50% of abandoned carts are recovered via FB Messenger products!

4. Up Sales: After a customer places an order, the product has the ability to recommend other popular or similar items. This provides significant value given that roughly 33% of customers purchase a second item.

5. User Data: With a Facebook Messenger ordering product, you know exactly who your consumers are. Data Demographics are recorded, and most importantly, you are capturing behavioral trends and ordering preferences of your customer base. The value of knowing who your customers are while also knowing how they behave and what they prefer can not be understated. This feature is nonexistent in Mobile Apps or Website ordering.

Before we say goodbye, I will leave you with some thoughts from the world’s brightest and most successful minds regarding the future of Chatbots:

Bots are the new apps, that’s the world you’re going to get to see in the years to come. Pretty much everyone today who’s building applications, whether they be desktop apps, or mobile apps, or websites, will build bots as the new interface.” -Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft)

“We think you should message a business just the way you would message a friend. I’ve never met anyone who likes calling businesses. Messaging is the way people and services are going to interact with each other in the next decade.” -Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook)

Say2eat’s white label solution enables chains and restaurants to create personalized consumer engagements that lead to desired business outcomes.

To see Say2eat’s technology in action, click HERE (link to schedule a demo).

We are a one-stop-shop for empowering your digital strategy, by providing a seamless solution across all voice and message applications (e.g. Facebook Messenger, SMS, iMessage, Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc.). By implementing core technologies and transforming business operations to scale global loyalty, our omni-channel commerce creates a smart, brand customized and conversational user experience. This leaves brands with an everlasting impression of convenience, efficiency and ease of use that promotes consumer loyalty and retention.

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Say2eat makes ordering food as easy as texting a friend or asking Alexa to play a song.

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