The shifting of $200 billion in restaurant sales has already begun: Is your brand shifting accordingly, or risking being left behind?

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Most people get home from work after a long day, feeling tired and hungry at the same time. The question always becomes, “What do I want for dinner?” also known as “Which restaurant should I place a delivery order from?”

Restaurants that don’t offer a simple and frictionless way to place a delivery order, or don’t offer delivery at all, won’t even be considered and will lose a significant potential profit. Offering convenience to the consumer is KING, and those who do not put their customers first will feel the negative effects sooner rather than later. There is a massive digital shift taking place in the restaurant industry, and those too archaic or stubborn to adjust will get left behind.

“By most analysts’ accounts, industry-wide restaurant same store sales were flat in 2017. But, restaurant industry analyst, Piper Jaffray projected that $200 billion — one quarter of all restaurant industry sales — will shift to digital ordering and delivery over the next five years.” -QSR

The recent state of the restaurant industry has shown time and time again that your customers look to engage and order from you whenever they want, however it is most comfortable for them. The choice is in the restaurant’s hands as to whether or not to meet what your customers expect, or risk losing their business. Convenience is paramount in the food industry, so you must embed your brand within your consumers’ day-to-day lives, by offering to order via their daily used messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger for example. Or, you could continue with old tactics such as forcing them to download an app or fill out a registration page via website ordering, leading to lower conversion and a chunk of business that is forfeited by you automatically. To see how to counteract that and learn more about how to increase your online sales by at least 15%, visit Say2eat and schedule a demo.

Looking closely at digital ordering data and growth trends

When looking at recent and current trends within digital ordering and delivery, it is clear that both are impacting the restaurant industry today and well into the foreseeable future. The share of the foodservice market that both are capturing is increasing by the day.

It is imperative for industry and brand leaders to adjust accordingly, due to the fact that the rate at which consumer preferences for digital ordering are changing and becoming dynamic has absolutely never been higher. Those brand leaders that are in denial of this digital shift and fail to embrace it are failing their brands themselves, as well as their valued shareholders.

“All brands must establish deep digital ordering and delivery expertise or face the consequences of being on the losing end of the $200 billion shift to digital.” -QSR

2019 online ordering and beyond

With the volume of online ordering in 2018 having nearly doubled before the year came to a close, the future is extremely promising. The founders of digital ordering, pizza chains such as Domino’s, found it challenging to build it up to where it is today. We thank those pizza chains, because today, any restaurant brand that is forward thinking and caters to their consumers can build up digital ordering in just half the time. There is a true “Moore’s Law” aspect to this, in which the second generation of digital ordering is at least twice as influential as the previous generation.

“Restaurant operators who best leverage digital commerce will win in a challenging environment. Retailers and restaurant operators who reinvent the brick and mortar experience will remain standing.” -NPD Group

Putting it simply, restaurants absolutely have to understand the importance and impact of a competent digital strategy when it comes to ordering. Digital competency in this realm is now essential to business. It is crucial to be embedded within your customers’ day to day lives, in the messaging and social media channels that they frequent on a daily or even hourly basis. Companies like Say2eat are able to make your restaurant brand be front and center in the eyes of the on-demand consumer, via messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger.

It is not too late to be easily discoverable to your customers, and engage and connect with them for simple ordering as easily as they would message a friend!

Say2eat’s white label solution enables chains and restaurants to create personalized consumer engagements that lead to desired business outcomes.

To see Say2eat’s technology in action, click HERE (link to schedule a demo).

We are a one-stop-shop for empowering your digital strategy, by providing a seamless solution across all voice and message applications (e.g. Facebook Messenger, SMS, iMessage, Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc.). By implementing core technologies and transforming business operations to scale global loyalty, our omnichannel commerce creates a smart, brand customized and conversational user experience. This leaves brands with an everlasting impression of convenience, efficiency, and ease of use that promotes consumer loyalty and retention.

To receive additional updates about Say2eat, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn or visit our website at

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